Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Herb Blogging #437 Recap/Raccolto

Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. As usual there are some surprising ingredients and dishes to suit all tastes and all seasons.

Next week, Kris from Tutto a Occhio will be hosting both editions and I look forward to seeing you there.

I've presented the English recap followed by the Italian.

Bitter Orange and Elderflower Marmalade
by Terry from Crumpets and Co

Tumbleweed, Emmenthal and Paprika Cake
by Lucia from Torta di Rose

Stir-fried Radishes and Swiss Chard
by Elizabeth from Blog from Our Kitchen

Bulgarian Sunflower Sweet Bread
by Cinzia from Cindystar

Steamed Broccoli with Walnut Miso Dressing
by Simona from Bricole

Pear, Raspberry and Walnut Wholemeal Muffins
by Me


Grazie per le vostre meravigliose ricette. Come sempre, ci sono ingredienti che ti sorprende e piatti per tutti i gusti e tutte le stagioni.

Ci vediamo la prossima settimana quando Kris di Tutto a Occhio รจ la nostra ospita.

Sformatini di tagliatelle con Zucchini Novelle
by Carla Emilia from Un'Arbanella di Basilico

Marmellata di Arance Amare e fiori di sambuco
by Terry from Crumpets and Co

Cake ai Roscani e Paprika
by Lucia from Torta di Rose

Brioche Bulgara Girasole
by Cinzia from Cindystar

Broccoli al Vapore con salsina al miso e noci
by Simona from Bricole


  1. Everything looks so appealing! Thank you so much for hosting, Haalo.

  2. Excellent round-up, Haalo!

    Next time I enter, I'll try to remember to include an Italian translation of the recipe in my post.

  3. Thank you Haalo! A multicolored recap! :)

  4. Thank you Haalo, see you soon, kisses :)


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