Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black & White Wednesday #60 Gallery

Thank you for joining in this week - it's been a real pleasure to see your work and I hope to see you again next week when Rosa from Rosa's Yummy Yums will be hosting.

"Seedlings" by Bron from Bron

"Parsley Flower Head with Guest" by Simona from Briciole

"Pepitas" by Lynne from Cafe Lynnylu

"Gastronomic Relic" by Rosa from Rosa's Yummy Yums

"Gingerbread Cookies" by Cinzia from Cindystar

"Dessert First!" by Siri from Cooking with Siri

"Bread Placeholder Hearts" by Cinzia from Cindystar

"Sign at Borough Market" by Me


  1. Thanks for hosting the event!

    What a wonderful collection of pictures. Your shot is lovely.



  2. Great gallery, Haalo, and thank you so much for hosting! :-)
    The little intruser in the parsley flower is so cute :-)

  3. Beautiful gallery! I love them all! Thanks for hosting.

  4. A very nice set of photo, all are a pleasure for the eyes. Thank you so much for hosting!


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