Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Black and White Wednesday #4

It's time for another Black and White Wednesday - as always you can find the gallery of this and previous weeks submissions curated by Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook.


With a photograph it can be as important what you don't show then what is shown and I think this photo is an example of that premise in action.

Here you have the Chef explaining the positioning of items on a dish to the rest of his team - it's not necessary to see his face or a wide shot of the scene because it can all be distilled to the position of his hand. The intensity is implied by the tightness of the shot and in black and white the distractions are removed and you can focus on the moment.


  1. This is exactly the kind of shot described as "storytelling." Another great peek inside the workings of a kitchen. Thanks for your fine B/W contribution.

  2. excellent shot! i can imagine what he is saying. ;-)

  3. beautiful picture. I love all these B & W pictures floating around :)

  4. beautiful photo Haalo,
    I do enjoy this B&W photos.


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