Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cake Moulds

I've had a few questions of late in regard to certain cake moulds I've used and the best way to answer is with photographs.

First up are the dahlia moulds:

dahlia molds© by Haalo

which were used to make these Beetroot Chocolate Cakes

and the second are sunflower moulds

sunflower molds© by Haalo

which were used for these Cherry and White Chocolate Butter Cakes

Cherry and White Chocolate Butter Cakes© by Haalo

Both these moulds were purchased in Florence so I have idea of where I could find them locally.


  1. wow are they lovely just as still lives.

  2. Hello Haalo, I have the same 2 silicone moulds but in mini format! I love them so much!
    I use them a lot! Have fun using them!

  3. I was at a specialty store this week on a lunch hour run into the city. I looked and looked to find them but didn't find exactly the same....they are indeed gorgeous

  4. Thanks MM!

    Thanks Sophie - they are great to use, would love to see the mini ones.

    Thanks Trish - I hope you have better luck finding them

  5. Ohhh! Ahhh! Beautiful!

    Florence, Italy? Where in Florence? Do you remember the store?


  6. Believe it or not I do remember the store - It's called Gioia della Casa and it's located on Via Sant'Antonio near the corner of Via Faenza

  7. What a good memory you have! I'm going to save this info. If and when I'm ever in Florence, I'll be sure to stop by there. It would be fun just to look around in the store. ;-)


  8. Thanks for the info!

    Paz xoxo

  9. Lovely and cheerful. I have good access here in U.S. for many of these silicon molds, but have yet to find real friand molds. Of course, I want them most of all. ; D


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