Sunday, December 02, 2007

Take the Long Way



I still don't think I have all my senses intact, some are floating in the air over Vladivostok but I'm sure they will soon return to me.

A big Thank You to all that have written while I've been away and for your many well wishes, it's been so lovely to receive them. I hope to get back into the swing of things in the next few days and will finally finish those last 10 days of the trip now that I've got working internet and am not falling asleep in mid-sentence.

I do think the worse of the jet-lag is over...I hope.



  1. Welcome back home! Glad you're back safe and sound.


  2. Welcome home! Hope you will soon be over the jet-lag. Jet-lag is the worst!

  3. Welcome home, Haalo!!! Oh I will miss your travels, that brightened up my day!! Looking forward or reading the last 10 days when you stop floating!!

    Hope Melb has a cheery face for you. Isn't it great to be sleeping once again in your own bed!!


  4. Thanks Paz!

    Thanks Kalyn - it's been much better this trip than the last, the three days in Tokyo really did the trick and got me closer to "home" time

    Thanks Deb - indeed, it's amazing how soft and comfy your own bed is when you've been away from it this long.

  5. It's nice to be away, but it's great to be home again. I'm looking forward to Christmas at home. Welcome back.

  6. Welcome back downunder!!!

    Rest well and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    p/s: I nominated your blog for the photography section of the Food Blog Awards. Your photograph ingredients so well!

  7. Thanks Trig - especially at Christmas it's good to be home. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    Thanks Nora - that is so sweet of you, thank you!


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