Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've got (Italian) mail


I'm totally surprised but the packages I mailed from Italy beat me home!

Well, almost all of them. I'm still waiting on one I sent from Venice, oddly enough I have the other two I sent with it. I do hope it didn't get lost on the way.

They arrived in fairly good condition except for the largest package.


Its corners are now gaping holes. On opening we discovered the cause of this. Somehow half of the bottom of the box ended up in water (I know I posted it sea mail but that is taking it a little too far). You can see the tell tale drying mark in the cardboard. A couple of my magazines are a little water damaged but other than that the rest of the contents survived.


  1. oh my! Hope the other package arrives soon!

  2. Thanks Chris, I hope it does too!


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