Tuesday, February 06, 2007

World Nutella Day

Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Shelly from At Home in Rome have declared February 6th World Nutella Day to honour the great Italian chocolate hazelnut spread.

So to celebrate, why not toast the day with a Nutella cocktail?


Nutella Cocktail
[makes 2]

1 cup ice
½ cup milk
2 tablespoons Nutella
30-mls Frangelico
30-mls Baileys
30-mls Vanilla Vodka

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until thick and creamy.

Pour into glasses and enjoy at once!

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  1. Delicious! Nutella is the bestest...

  2. Happy Nutella Day, Haalo!

    I would thoroughly enjoy a cocktail if I hadn't already eaten my leftover nutella straight from the jar...

  3. Haalo,

    A couple of this delicious drink would lighten up my rainy Tuesday! ;)

    Nutella is fantastic!

  4. I am definitely making one these today!

  5. I know someone who'd definitely love this! ;-)


  6. Man, does this look GOOOOD! I am definitely whipping this one up the next chance I get. Thanks for the great idea! Happy Nutella Day!

  7. Thanks Julia!

    Happy Nutella Day Cindy! Next time make sure you leave enough to have a nutella cocktail chaser ;)

    A couple more and you won't even notice the rain Patricia ;)

    Cheers Brilynn!

    Paz - I hope they have two whoever they may be ;)

    Thanks Shelley and congrats for Nutella Day!

  8. hooray,this looks delich. LOVE frangelico, yum. i was thinking of adrink of some kind but ended up making nutella "sushi". hehe

  9. That looks so good....I would have 2 before the meal and 2 after!

  10. Oh thanks for sharing this. I love nutella and the combination sounds delicious. :-)

  11. Thanks Aria - nutella sushi now that's original!

    Thanks Helene - I'll join you for another couple of these ;)

    Thanks Tonic - the frangelico just matches so well to the nutella.

  12. Since it's really way too cold in Boston to drink iced drinks, I adapted this as follows:

    Heat 1 cup whole milk on stove, melting in Nutella.
    While milk is heating, stir 1 tablespoon each (Frangelico, Vanilla Vodka, Bailey's) into 1 packet of hot chocolate mix (do this in two mugs).
    Split heated milk and nutella mixture between the two mugs.

    It's lovely! Thanks for the idea!

  13. Thanks Liz - now that is a luxurious hot chocolate, will have to try it come winter!


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