Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog Party #11

Stephanie has once again come up with an unique theme for this month's Blog Party - man food! I've had to use Paalo as the token male for this and these are certainly a couple of dishes that has him asking for more.

1-DSC_4686.jpg 1-DSC_4967.jpg


Lemongrass Prawns - when these are served just step back and try not to be crushed by the stampede

Ricotta filled Cannoli - you can never make enough of these

Rusty Nail - it's a manly drink!

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  1. Haalo; always!

    Very 'manly', indeed; I know everything will go over well.

    Thanks for joining in again, and 'see' you Saturday!

  2. Thanks Stephanie - looking foward to Saturday, should be fun!


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