Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black and White Wednesday #54

Lynne from Cafe Lynnylu is hosting Black & White Wednesday this week and I thought I'd return to the subject of Piemontese Cows.


Strange as it sounds I spent a few hours watching a cow competition here in Alba. The competition was limited to only indigenous breeds with most of the cows being these white Piemontese known as "La Bianca".

The judging proved quite fascinating to watch with most of the attention directed to one place -


the posterior. The assorted judges would variously prod and poke and seemingly pinch the rear with animated discussions occuring as scores were eventually given.


  1. I have never watched a cow competition, in Italy or elsewhere, so I read your observations with interest. Very nice photos.

    1. Thanks Simona - we'd only thought we'd watch for half an hour but by the end we'd spent well over 2 hours there!

  2. I have never watched a cow competition either! A very interesting rear view! Thanks for submitting your lovely cow image to BWW #54

    1. Thanks Lynne - these cows have the most amazingly muscular behinds, so much power in them.


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