Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Black and White Wednesday #18

The issue of taking photos of food in restaurants is one that is constantly being brought up - whether it's by media doing its usual bit of dog whistling in a vein attempt to stay relevant - or restaurant owners/chefs that believe that all publicity is good publicity. Yes, there are legitimate issues and there are right and wrong ways to take photos in restaurants - no, you don't take a tripod to dinner with you;  I'll like to never see another table full of bloggers and their slr's snapping away constantly for five minutes at the appearance at each dish and finally I'd love to see the flash button permanently disabled but hey, a discretely taken photo shouldn't be an issue.

So for this Black and White Wednesday hosted by the unflappable Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook, I thought I'd include a photo that always brings a smile to my face.

Vue de Monde© by Haalo
Even the Chef takes photos of his food


  1. Good Morning, Haalo.
    This photo makes me smile too.
    And I agree about the discretion, more more rare this days. :/

  2. How interesting! I love this photo!

  3. i love this! great shot! i'm glad to see that even the chef takes a photo of his creation. ;-)

  4. I never thought that taking picture in the resto is a big deal...anyway I like this photo

  5. Thanks Brii, Leaf, Lynne, Paz and Rachel!


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