Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black and White Wednesday #8

Black & White Wednesday is a weekly photography event curated by Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook that celebrates black and white food photography.

the last garnish© by Haalo
The Last Garnish
There are many elements to this deceptively simple amuse and as it is readied to go out into the dining room, the final garnish is added.


  1. I'm enjoying your B&W photos.

  2. Excellent photo. ("Deceptively simple" always triggers shudders for me. I hope it all went as smoothly as it appears to be going in the photo)

  3. Thanks Simona!

    Thanks Paz!

    Thanks Elizabeth - it's always chaotic but organised and this service went smoothly. It's a little dish that takes a moment to eat but there's a lot of detail behind it.

  4. Beautiful photo, Haalo!
    And you are so right, sometimes we don't even imagine all the work behind...

  5. Haalo, your shots making working in a kitchen look so easy and glamorous.

    Thanks for another great look at food prep for BWW. (I'm catching up on last week's commenting.)


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