Thursday, July 01, 2010

Redux:Potato Focaccia

While looking through the archives I've rediscovered one of my favourite breads. It's a focaccia with a difference - there's mashed potato in the dough that gives it the most wonderful texture - and it is topped with the flavours of the Mediterranean.


You won't need to serve anything else with this bread, it's a virtual meal in itself and you can find the recipe here.


  1. That's great to bring a wonderful recipe out of the archives - so much good food buried in this site that I appreciate a guiding hand every now and again - this one looks just my sort of thing - am very fond of mashed potato in baking so will try this

  2. You're right about mashed potato in dough - it gives a lovely texture!

  3. Wow the bread looks like a meal in itself - almost like a pizza!!

  4. wow, I love focaccia bread, mouth watering :)

  5. Thanks Johanna - that's very kind of you. Hope you do try making this!

    Thanks Marisa - it makes a big difference

    Thanks Mina - quite similar

    Thanks Priya

  6. mmm i can almost smell the beautiful aroma this focaccia would have! your photo is great quality :)

  7. this would be wonderful hot off the oven. since im a meat lover id prefer additional meat topping say ground beef or pork on it. filipino recipe does not include pastries and stuff made with baking and this is really a fresh view to my cooking learning experience.


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