Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Party #39

Gross Anatomy is the theme for this month's Blog Party, graciously hosted by Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness and it certainly had me heading to the books for inspiration.

I had flittered with the thought of using Ljubomir Erovic's The Testicle Cookbook but perhaps that might just be taking the theme a little too far. So I've come up with two more appropriate offerings instead:

ladies' fingers© by Haalo, on Flickr melting martian© by Haalo

Ladies' Fingers and Melting Martian


  1. Great recipes! I love the Melting Martian (any idea where to get the eyeballs?) ;)

  2. The testicle cookbook? Intriguing! :D I do like what you ended up settling with though!

  3. Thanks Ricki - I could tell you but you might end up getting a late night visit by the men in black ;)

    Thanks Y - it certainly has everything one could ever want to know about all sorts of testicles


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