Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mandarin Sorbet Float

Since it is a birthday theme for this month's Blog Party, you've got to make something that is colourful and playful.

For this drink I've taken the idea of a traditional "float" and used a combination of mandarin sorbet and a refreshing and "girly" Sparkling Pink Lemonade - for those that like a little kick in their beverages, a little vodka can also be added.

mandarin sorbet float© by Haalo

Mandarin Sorbet Float

Mandarin Sorbet
Parker's Sparkling Pink Lemonade (it's a mix of grape, apple, lemon and strawberry juices)
Vodka, optional

  • Place a small scoop of mandarin sorbet in a martini glass
  • Top with Pink Lemonade and Vodka, if using


  1. a drink/dessert after my own heart....and the vodka is not optional in my case! :) love it!

  2. Thanks Heart!

    Thanks Avesta - lemon vodka goes well in this float!


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