Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tea - Larsen and Thompson

I'm back with another "flower tea" called Spring Snow - by local tea merchants Larsen and Thompson.

spring snow

It's a different shape to those I've featured in the past - it's made to resemble a monk's hat.

As with all flower teas, the addition of water reveals it's inner beauty


Inside the parcel of green tea are three white Chrysanthemums. The resulting tea has a definite hint of mint in it's flavour and a golden-yellow colour.

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  1. How lovely! I've only seen flower teas with one chrysanthemum inside - you're positively bountiful with three!!!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous.

    I never knew flower teas existed. I need to track some down!


  3. I *love* flower teas but like Pille I've only ever seen single blooms. This is a veritable shrub! Too gorgeous...

  4. Those are just so amazing!

  5. Thanks Pille - having 3 flowers probably accounts for the different shape it has.

    Thanks Kim - I hope you find some!

    Thanks Jeanne - they are lovely and good to drink too!

    Thanks Sara!

  6. I've always wanted to buy one just to see it bloom...but need to find a clear teapot first.

  7. Hi Jaden - I use a bodum teapot they seem to be quite widely available or you might need to try a specialist tea shop.


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