Monday, July 31, 2006

It's your Birthday..


It's that time of the year again, Paalo's Birthday. The last two weeks haven't been the best for him as he recovered from the removal of his gall bladder - so we're taking it easy, they'll be no degustation feast from Vue de Monde!

I have however made something as sweet as he is and it should bring a smile to his face. One of the first things I ever cooked for him was Pineapple upside-down cake - I must have done something right since he's still around. Then again, I have a feeling that might be due to my mother's ravioli and cappelletti!

Instead of making the traditional styled cake, I've made individual cakes, each the size of one pineapple ring. I think they look cute!


Happy Birthday!


  1. Pineapple updside-down cake would have to be one of my favourite cakes. I first made it in Home Economics class in year 8. You know what they say...oldies are goodies.

    And I love your idea of making them individual!

  2. Thanks Mellie - it's hard to go past the caramelised sugar!

  3. The first thing I noticed when I arrived back at the aalo cave after a days hunting and gathering was one of these sitting in the photo nook.


    Thank you Haalo, my far better half.

  4. Love your cake and the idea of an individual cake! Happy birthday to Paalo. I wish all the best and continued speedy recovery.


  5. Thanks so much Paz - he's getting better each day and enjoying the new feeling of being well again.


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