Thursday, April 20, 2006

Creme Brulée Spoon

While making some more usual sized creme brulée's I took the opportunity to make some of these spoon-sized ones as part of my Blog Party entry.


They can be made using your favourite recipe - just let the mixture harden before placing it on the spoon. You can prepare them well ahead of time and caramelise the top when you're ready to serve them.

There's some debate on what sugar should be used to form the crust, for these I've used demerera sugar. It does achieve an attractive golden brown colour and isn't as prone to over-caramelise as caster sugar.



Each spoon has about two bites worth - enough to tempt you to have another



  1. I love you AND THIS BLOG!
    so nice to read something other than sports and politics, ya know?

  2. Thank you so much Jay - much appreciated! Food Blogs are a nice way to spend some time on the more pleasant aspects of life.

  3. How did you know I adore desserts in spoonful portions??? Maybe it's the child in me? I once attended a dinner where all the dishes were served in spoonful portions and ended up with 10 different desserts served in this manner. Yums! And I agree, your blog is to die for.

  4. MM - miniature anything are cute - but especially food. I'm with you - I love degustation menus and all those little serves - it's nice to have a couple of bites and move on to another flavour.

  5. Really sensational. Can't wait to try this using my chinese spoon collection.

  6. when you say let the mixture harden, do you mean bake it in the spoons? how long?

  7. Hi Anon - no, you do not bake this in the spoon. You make your creme mixture and then let it cool - as it cools it will start to set and you place this firmer mix onto the spoons.


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