Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blog Party #8: Brunch

I just love parties and I love the Blog Party so when Stephanie asked us to make Brunch dishes, how could I resist. I decided to offer up both a savoury and a sweet treat, since at that time of the day, people can go either way so we should cater for those needs. To drink I've focused on the best morning beverage, coffee!

Mini Savoury Muffins with sour cream© by haalo Mini Bircher Muesli with Grape skewers© by haalo

1Caffè Affogato© by haalo

On offer:
Mini Bircher Muesli with Grape skewers
Mini Savoury Muffins with sour cream
Caffè Affogato "corretto"


  1. Haalo, you've done it again!

    Wonderful dishes, and fantastic photos. Thank you so much for coming back to the party!

  2. Thanks Stephanie - the Blog Party is such fun to take part in.


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